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01 October 2007 @ 20:44
12 x Harry Potter

- Please do not hotlink.
- Please leave a comment if you decide to use any icons, and please give credit to me.


Nicolesourapplekicker on 1st October 2007 21:00 (UTC)
Gorgeous. LOVE them!
Em Dash: HP Siriustheemdash on 1st October 2007 22:21 (UTC)
Snagged the Sirius icon. :D
Sheneneh Jenkinsgagreflexes on 2nd October 2007 00:20 (UTC)
took Draco.
Holly: fabulousssshollydb on 2nd October 2007 01:16 (UTC)
I love the text-less Voldemort icons.

I don't suppose, though, that you could customize one or both of them for me? I foresee needing to use a lot of "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry" icons this semester...
starfxcker_fan: hp - hopestarfxcker_fan on 2nd October 2007 12:37 (UTC)
Yeah I can do that :) What text would you like?
Holly: shiny!!hollydb on 4th October 2007 02:07 (UTC)
Maybe something like "FRUSTRATED" or "GRRR"

<3 *loves*
starfxcker_fan: hp - weasleystarfxcker_fan on 6th October 2007 14:18 (UTC)
I thought I'd add a bit of humour to it...

Hope you like it :D
Holly: bwahaha!!!hollydb on 6th October 2007 14:36 (UTC)
Hee!!! I love it! Thank you!!
equinox_blue: Harry Potterequinox_blue on 2nd October 2007 21:08 (UTC)
Gorgeous icons! Love your play of light and dark with these! Thanks for sharing! :)